Marketing and the Challenges of COVID-19

Despite the fact that in many ways it is still a dangerous world out there, it is still possible, maybe even more so, to go about your business online, including doing the marketing for your Home Based Business. There is an interesting piece today on the “Corona Virus After” website.

And speaking of marketing, Create Profitable Marketing has a short article on the principles of marketing.

And finally, DigiComArts which used to be the training website for workshops at the New York Public Library also explores marketing today.

Thank You Blog Coalition

We wish to thank Blog Coalition for turning over to us their responsibility for blogging daily on marketing and the approximately 60 blogs that are a part of their special club. At this point this does not mean that Home Business Achievers will be doing the managing of websites, it is just the practice of posting the latest news has been handed over to us.

We are thrilled and humbled that Blog Coalition trusts us enough to bestow this honor. For more info on this transferring process please look at this entry from Blog Coalition.

So to start off we will take a look at Bronx News NYC. They are doing a special report today on the change that is happening.

And one of our favorite sites, Celebify, has a similar article on their site.

See you tomorrow!

Blog Coalition

Have you heard of the Blog Coalition? If not you might want to check them out. They used to do updates every day, but this has changed. They now do updates at least once a month and we here at Home Business Achievers are honored for having been asked to cover what they used to cover. Coverage includes showing you various websites from the group. The coalition as of this post now consists of approximately 60 blogs and is growing.

So speaking of blogs here are some entries you might find interesting.

First is one from “Become a Mentalist” that shows you how to market your mentalist career. If you have the ability to read minds you might want to check this out.

Here’s a site for the “Big Apple Awards.” It is also about promotions.

And finally, you won’t want to miss this one. It’s about a marketing strategy being created for the infamous BigFootZombie.

And So We Begin!

This is the first post for this blog, but to the table we are bringing the experience of having many different blogs. We would like to share with you some of the posts we are finding interesting in and around the web. It is our hope that you find these posts useful.

Here is a post on the Art Gush website. It is called “Creative Process” and explores the creative process of creating an eBook. It is short and only a part of the creative process but it can be useful nonetheless.

Keeping in the same vein, we have this current post from the ArtisticPreneur blog that reveals more of the creative process. It specifically unveils some of the most useful free images sites on the web.

And finally here is a contribution from Artist Steps. I appears they are adding another step to their roster.