Three Entertainment Entities We Can Learn From

So first we are looking at Entertainment Entrepreneurship that is one of the top sites of its kind when it comes to the entertainment and business connection. An interesting article on this Blog Coalition participant came out today about introverts and business.

Now let us switch our focus to Big Foot Zombie. He certainly has a good marketing plan because think of the legend he has built around himself.

And finally, one of our favorites: Disneyite. Disney, like other big entertainment companies, have had it tough. This post talks about Disneyite influencers and how they are having to refocus their approach to business.

Different and the Same

The Home Business Achievers’ Connection

We have three websites from the nearly 60 (at the time of this writing) that we manage for Blog Coalition, all of which at first glance seem to be different. But upon closer examination we see an area where they all intersect. They are all Home Business Achievers.

Useful Info for HBAs

For starters, take for instance Home Business eLearning. In its current post, Home Business eLearning looks at distance learning and its power. This can be useful for Home Business Achievers.

Shared Process

On the other hand, take a gander at RBdesignConstruction. It appears, and rightly so, as a site whose blog entries have all but stopped. But in the new text from today, they talk about sharing a process. This concept can be useful for Home Business Achievers, because even solopreneurs need the online help of others and a shared, yes you guessed it, process.

A New Way of Looking at Social

Also for today, Media Administration, a site often looked at as an inspiration when it comes to the use of media, talk in an indifferent tone about social media, citing Netflix’s “The Social Dilemma.” If you have Netflix and haven’t checked it out, you really should. Media Administration is inclusive of today’s shared interest: Home Business Achievers. Those with home based businesses may want to a look at Media Administration’s post for today. It gives a new way of looking at social.

Arts Education

Looking at 3 Websites

Good morning all. We are coming to you from New York City and are going to, do an exploration of educational websites from the Blog Publicity and Blog Coalition series. The three educational looked at today include, and

Home Businesses Save the Day

Although they are short in content, the sites below can be quite inspirational to home business achievers. Many entrepreneurs got their start with Arts Education but when graduating had no idea where to go, so they started a home business.

Here are some Blog Coalition and Blog Publicity sites:

USA eLearning brings you USA eLearning opportunities.

USA How To reveals “how to topics” in the USA.

And Artist Steps is a unique “.org” site that sometimes looks at nonprofits that also use the .org extension.

Home Business Awards

The nearly 60 blogs (as of this writing) cover all different kinds of topics. But what they all have in common is their desire to make a difference. This is especially important as the new Home Business Awards is just around the corner and includes an award for best blog.

We have three publications in this edition of Home Business Achievers. As the virtual awards show gets nearer we will be covering the awards process on this website.

Meanwhile, we bring you USA Go Digital talking about the market.

Next is a story on USA How To and its relationship with eLearning.

And finally we bring you USA Magicians who we are talking iwth about maybe including a magic award in our program.

Home Based Business Hope

In a world where there are already enough challenges, some of you encounter the inability to unlock the door to the next level. There is a group that is discriminated against and rarely is seen in media. We are ageism. This is a very serious problem because our culture rather than embracing those who are older, they bypass them without giving them a chance. The website has a brief story on the topic.

Strangely enough, ageism actually can be an asset rather than a liability. How does this work? If you have a low income and are in your 50’s to 80’s and beyond, there are programs you can be enrolled in that provide you with free doctors, food and other provisions. We are not encouraging people to start living off of the government, but if you are really in need, you should have access as seen in NYC Housing Lottery. But how does ageism fit into this? You can focus your home based business toward an older demographic as seen at

What we are saying is that if you are older and have a home based business you can direct it toward people who are your age. You understand their turmoil so you can give them a solution to it through your products and services. And if you are artistic as seen at

What is the point of this article and what are we attempting to convey? We are the bearers of the suggestion which is to use all your guns: your home business, your age and more. Even if you are not an “artist” you are creative. Creativity is what moving your home based business forward.

Not Goodbye, Not Quite Yet

As home based business owners, we can be an emotional bunch.

We are some of the last to remain in this great city. But we aren’t willing to put it behind us. Not quite yet. Too many things have happened here. I fell in love. I got married. We had a child.

Many would say I’m a fool for hanging on. The movie hasn’t ended yet. The learning hasn’t ended yet. And the Pandemic grows.

Still. Not ready to leave. Not yet.

Taking the “Real” Pill

If you take a “Real” Pill you will see “Reality” and reality is not so good these days here in Manhattan, New York. We are getting pushed out of our own city with violence and the threat of violence. We are being reminded in our streets that we are no longer welcome and to leave.

No amount of learning how to get more customers is going to make a difference other than that we are able to get new customers remotely if we decide to move out of Manhattan, NY.

Getting our book published as seen in “Invent Mentalism” does not help either.

Instead things are getting worse and worse. Will sites like Save NYC Together really going to make a difference?

Clamoring for Marketing

Yes. We’re clamoring for marketing. Or are we? It is a decision that is hard to make. Overall Home Business Achievers is helping HBAs achieve their marketing goals. But up until now we haven’t really flat out called ourselves a marketing organization.

Here’s something from Home Business eLearning that indirectly mirrors the decision making process we are undergoing.

And how could we explore “self” and “success” and not mention (my idol) Harry Houdini.

Finally, let’s look at marketing directly, face on, in How To Do Online Marketing.