Multi and Magic

Two blogs of interest from Blog Coalition are a “Multi” site and a “Magic” one. These sites are:

Web Design Magician (Multi.)

Yianni Stamas (Magic.)

The blog entries of each of these sites, include one from Web Design Magician, plus another from Yianni Stamas. Web Design Magician has an article about “Multi” or getting online workers. While the other post of interest is that of Yianni Stamas and includes news on the “USA Magician of the Year” virtual trophy. This is a part of the “Houdini Day” awards that occurs on October 31st, Halloween, the date that Harry Houdini died. I was hoping this year to go to his gravesite with other magicians out of respect and to try to bring him back from from the great beyond, but my daughter along with my wife reminded me that we are in the middle of a Pandemic here in New York City. Maybe next year?

Making Progress

We have three musings to show you today, each one having in common with each other, VideoFilmWeb, which was a media company that ran from 2001 to 2013.

Here are the links: shows the importance of staying positive when you work on your home based business.

Next comes that takes a very brief look at Digital Transformation.

And finally, VIdeoFilmWeb itself, admitting the pride in being an inspiration to others.

So Many Home Businesses to Pick From

We have a nice batch of sites from the Blog Coalition.

Now is a better time than ever to either start a home based business or rise to the next level with your current one. A key component of this can be seen at the USA eLearning website.

This is the perfect moment for the USA to create with an article of this topic available at USA Create.

Filmmakers can have an interesting take on advertising which can be uncovered at Thrillumentary.

Short and Sweet

Home Business Achievers has been created for those who fit the title: Home Business Achievers. It is for out of the box innovators who don’t just look at their phone but can reach outside of their phone.

Having a new way to look at the world that is short and sweet can be a powerful thing. You may have heard the expression that “Less is more” and it is. That is, as shown in our brief but inspiring look at three blog posts that are low in writing word numbers but high in creativity.

Our first of today’s batch is Lights Camera Read. Originally created for kids in the New York Public Library is expanding into experiences for adults. What can Home Business Achievers get out of this? The importance of continual evolution.

Then there is Magic Neighbors. Another group that appeared first off at the New York Public Library. It too is expanding its reach.

And last but not least, is the new MagicPreneur website. Where magicians get down to business.

Can a Home Business Achiever be a Disneyite?

Why of course they can. I am a Disneyite and I know a number of other Disneyites. But that said, we’re not sure whether or not to offer you a link to click on to the Disneyite website. Its post today is a bit of a downer. Oh well, here goes. Please click here for Disneyite.

Meanwhile, if you’ve never been on the DigiRefer website you might want to check out today’s blog entry.

DIYdigi has finally posted again, though it’s really brief.

Blog Coalition

Have you heard of the Blog Coalition? If not you might want to check them out. They used to do updates every day, but this has changed. They now do updates at least once a month and we here at Home Business Achievers are honored for having been asked to cover what they used to cover. Coverage includes showing you various websites from the group. The coalition as of this post now consists of approximately 60 blogs and is growing.

So speaking of blogs here are some entries you might find interesting.

First is one from “Become a Mentalist” that shows you how to market your mentalist career. If you have the ability to read minds you might want to check this out.

Here’s a site for the “Big Apple Awards.” It is also about promotions.

And finally, you won’t want to miss this one. It’s about a marketing strategy being created for the infamous BigFootZombie.

And So We Begin!

This is the first post for this blog, but to the table we are bringing the experience of having many different blogs. We would like to share with you some of the posts we are finding interesting in and around the web. It is our hope that you find these posts useful.

Here is a post on the Art Gush website. It is called “Creative Process” and explores the creative process of creating an eBook. It is short and only a part of the creative process but it can be useful nonetheless.

Keeping in the same vein, we have this current post from the ArtisticPreneur blog that reveals more of the creative process. It specifically unveils some of the most useful free images sites on the web.

And finally here is a contribution from Artist Steps. I appears they are adding another step to their roster.