So Many Home Businesses to Pick From

We have a nice batch of sites from the Blog Coalition.

Now is a better time than ever to either start a home based business or rise to the next level with your current one. A key component of this can be seen at the USA eLearning website.

This is the perfect moment for the USA to create with an article of this topic available at USA Create.

Filmmakers can have an interesting take on advertising which can be uncovered at Thrillumentary.

Award Nominations for the Deserving

So far, so good. Nominations are trickling in at a slow rate, the speed of which will inevitably increase. Fall is upon us. I always liked the word Autumn better than Fall. Why? Because “Fall” always reminds me of falling. But hey, I suppose it comes down to what you fall into.

What we have fallen into at this point is an awards show that seems to resonate with others. Who wouldn’t like an awards show honoring some of the hardest working individuals here in America. We are talking of course about the Home Business Awards.

Do you know of a deserving Home Business Achiever? If so, we’d love to hear from you. We see the Home Business Awards as a way to say thank you to Home Business Achievers who now constitute an important faction of our USA economy.

We give a shoutout to Save NYC Together who had their first blog entry today that can be found here.

Another blog entry today is the fondly remembered awards show: the Platinum PIAs. Thanks to them for honoring us with more than just a mention.

We end on a fun note that is really going full circle back to the beginning of this post. Quick but it might make you titter, is New York’s and North Fork’s very own Stamas Bros.

Home Based Business Hope

In a world where there are already enough challenges, some of you encounter the inability to unlock the door to the next level. There is a group that is discriminated against and rarely is seen in media. We are ageism. This is a very serious problem because our culture rather than embracing those who are older, they bypass them without giving them a chance. The website has a brief story on the topic.

Strangely enough, ageism actually can be an asset rather than a liability. How does this work? If you have a low income and are in your 50’s to 80’s and beyond, there are programs you can be enrolled in that provide you with free doctors, food and other provisions. We are not encouraging people to start living off of the government, but if you are really in need, you should have access as seen in NYC Housing Lottery. But how does ageism fit into this? You can focus your home based business toward an older demographic as seen at

What we are saying is that if you are older and have a home based business you can direct it toward people who are your age. You understand their turmoil so you can give them a solution to it through your products and services. And if you are artistic as seen at

What is the point of this article and what are we attempting to convey? We are the bearers of the suggestion which is to use all your guns: your home business, your age and more. Even if you are not an “artist” you are creative. Creativity is what moving your home based business forward.

Not Goodbye, Not Quite Yet

As home based business owners, we can be an emotional bunch.

We are some of the last to remain in this great city. But we aren’t willing to put it behind us. Not quite yet. Too many things have happened here. I fell in love. I got married. We had a child.

Many would say I’m a fool for hanging on. The movie hasn’t ended yet. The learning hasn’t ended yet. And the Pandemic grows.

Still. Not ready to leave. Not yet.

Short and Sweet

Home Business Achievers has been created for those who fit the title: Home Business Achievers. It is for out of the box innovators who don’t just look at their phone but can reach outside of their phone.

Having a new way to look at the world that is short and sweet can be a powerful thing. You may have heard the expression that “Less is more” and it is. That is, as shown in our brief but inspiring look at three blog posts that are low in writing word numbers but high in creativity.

Our first of today’s batch is Lights Camera Read. Originally created for kids in the New York Public Library is expanding into experiences for adults. What can Home Business Achievers get out of this? The importance of continual evolution.

Then there is Magic Neighbors. Another group that appeared first off at the New York Public Library. It too is expanding its reach.

And last but not least, is the new MagicPreneur website. Where magicians get down to business.

Taking the “Real” Pill

If you take a “Real” Pill you will see “Reality” and reality is not so good these days here in Manhattan, New York. We are getting pushed out of our own city with violence and the threat of violence. We are being reminded in our streets that we are no longer welcome and to leave.

No amount of learning how to get more customers is going to make a difference other than that we are able to get new customers remotely if we decide to move out of Manhattan, NY.

Getting our book published as seen in “Invent Mentalism” does not help either.

Instead things are getting worse and worse. Will sites like Save NYC Together really going to make a difference?

Clamoring for Marketing

Yes. We’re clamoring for marketing. Or are we? It is a decision that is hard to make. Overall Home Business Achievers is helping HBAs achieve their marketing goals. But up until now we haven’t really flat out called ourselves a marketing organization.

Here’s something from Home Business eLearning that indirectly mirrors the decision making process we are undergoing.

And how could we explore “self” and “success” and not mention (my idol) Harry Houdini.

Finally, let’s look at marketing directly, face on, in How To Do Online Marketing.

Home Based Business Marketing

Except for the Harry Potter Fan Club NYC post, the other two have to do with marketing, specifically for home based businesses. What qualifies as being call Home Based Business Marketing? It really covers a broad spectrum. It is any online marketing that Home Business Achievers can afford, easily. Here are the three blog entries with the unrelated one first. Well, it’s maybe not so unrelated because some of us even consider themselves to be Potterheads!

If you’ve been worried lately about the Harry Potter legacy, this is for you.

If you have made a movie lately and want to market it, you might get some ideas here.

And finally, if you haven’t visited the Entertainment Entrepreneurship site, this is an opportunity to do so.