Three Home Business Achievers Questions about Entrepreneurship Plus Randomly Ruminating about Edie Brickell & New Bohemians?!

Publicly known by many as Singer-Songwriter Paul Simon’s Wife, Edie, of Edie Brickell & New Bohemians in 1988 released their debut album which went to No. 4 on the Billboard albums chart.

Now, ironically, some of you, if the first two numbers of you birth year are “2” and “0” it is quite possible you do not even know know who Paul Simon is either. Here is a section from the lyrics of Edie’s song “What I Am” .

… Choke me in the shallow waters
Before I get too deep

Correct or incorrect, I always took that as being fearful of acting like a pseudointellectual or dilatant . Which is exactly what I am trying to not be seen as at this exact moment, so I am going to divert…

But to get on track with asking you the three question let’s begin by asking if entrepreneurship is a scary process for you? For many entrepreneurs, if their business goes down, they also go down.

So really, the only way to avoid this is find the steps that that work over and over to make your home business work. Here are the three questions that you might find useful…

What are your really knowledgeable and good at?

Who wants what you are offering and why?

How are you going to gain communication with them?

And a big thank you goes out to Edie Brickell who we hope is okay with us referencing “What I Am” . And now as we end this “Home Business Achievers” website post, I ask that you please “Choke me in the shallow waters
Before I get too deep”.

The Truth About Your COMPETITORS will Soon be Revealed in the Form of an Upcoming Digital Learning Product

You are Your Own Competitor and Here is a Method How to Make the Best Move

How To Find The Right COMPETITORS to Study for Your Specific Product(Service)

If you follow this site and are a Home Business Achiever that we are in touch with, then you know that the big project being done with the 57 websites of the Blog Coalition is all about giving people like you who either already have their own home business or want to start one. Ultimately this knowledge will be uncovered in the upcoming digital learning product. We are having a hard time waiting for it ourselves, so we are going to spend a little time looking at the idea of what is the “Method How” to study your competitors as a part of the campaign of releasing a new product or service?

Want More Money? Start with Understanding Your COMPETITORS so You Can Get Your Share of Your Industry’s Audience!

The above headline is something that all of us (and this includes you) know is important but are not quite sure about how to do it. What we do know are bits and pieces of things like looking at the links of a competitor. Looking at their online ranking in search engines and ultimately being ready to put what you have discovered into your own home business.

Short Strategy: The Truth About How You Already Have Within You the Info to Beast Your COMPETITORS

I want to start this by saying that the story I am about to tell you has to do with what I have learned about competitors but is not claiming to be a be-all know-all insight. In other words I have as much to learn as you or anyone else. I am not claiming to know the ins and outs of everything. But I can say this. One of the coolest “Method How” – if you can pull it off – has to do with studying the market. You can do this by first looking at what your competitors are doing, then, most importantly, coming up with a list of what they are not doing. And then, you got it, adding those things to your Home Business Achiever arsenal. One thing I can almost guarantee that your “Home Business” competitors are not doing is looking at are the insights between the lines. This has to do with having a strategy to do with first researching and then figuring out what is not being done in your field for which there is a big market? How do you do this? For starters, let’s assume your home business has to do with something your know a lot about or are passionate or both. Once you have that box checked you can now ask yourself “What do I want that does not exist.” And if your audience consists of people like you, the outcome should be even bigger. Are you you your own demographic? All right, got to go. Keep an eye out for our “Method How” collaboration. If you do not see it here, see if “Method How” has it. By the way, at the time of writing this blog post, “Method How” does not yet exist.

July 4th, 2022, Marks the Pre-Launch and Learning Based Product Testing Phase Starting with:

Method How” in 15 Steps to Live the American Dream with your Business or Idea” that You Can Use to
Climb the Tower of Hope”

How to Figure Out What American Dream to Dream About on July 4th, or Really Any Day for that Matter

A commitment we made is that if we are going to be showing you how to live your own American Dream with your business or business idea. They key here is that sometimes a business owner or someone hoping to start a business has a lack of confidence or a low self-esteem.

But guess what. It is not about you not liking yourself. It is more about a willingness to help others feel better about themselves. If you can do this, then you are making a difference. You are helping. Keep helping and eventually you will feel better about yourself and maybe even living the American Dream.

But first things first, the need of a little adjustment to an idea we just presented. The goal does not have to be about helping others to help yourself. Scratch that. Why? Because it is not important what is motivating or not motivating you. What is important is that you do something. Anything.

Set a date of finish of something like building your website. Or better yet, premiering a site that you helped make happen for someone else in need. That can work well and in some ways the program we are currently doing that this blog entry is a part of, is unfolding with the same kind of spirit for the betterment of all.

Something that is not American and Might be Getting in Your Way

One thing that looms high over people who do not achieve externally in the “real world” comes down to self-image. If you have a bad opinion of yourself, you are going to have trouble accomplishing things in your life. Clearly people try many methods to try to change this. One is therapy, that depending on who you choose to be your “shrink” can be very helpful at assisting you to understand why you have lack of confidence and get in your own way of success.

Other solutions for building yourself up could include taking seminars. Or read self-help books. And so on. If you do not like yourself, in fact, even if you hate who you are, believe it or not you can still succeed. How? if you can cut yourself a break, even for just a few hours a day, you can be successful. Success is American. But disliking who you are and limiting yourself is Un American. So, take on the role of being a good American and create things that help society. If we can do it, you can do it!

Choosing a Subject Matter to Create a Learning Based Product that Will Work Out Nicely in the U.S.

Everyone has problems. I have problems. You have problems. We all have problems. Turns out this is actually a good thing. Why? Because solving problems is what it is all about. People very frequently buy things because they think the purchase will make them feel better about themselves. The insight to glean from this is that if you have the solution to someone else’s problem, it does not matter if you do not know how to solve your own problems.

Quite frankly, the most successful people have lots of problems that they are blind to or know about but choose to put them aside for the moment. And yet, they achieve guru status. Guru as in being an expert, having a business (or soon having one) as well as that the make the big bucks. Throw out all that junk about how until you become perfect you cannot help others do so.

Just find things you know how to solve for people. But do not limit this to your so-called expertise, in terms of career. You are much more than what you do for a living. You are much more than what you are an expert at. In the end, you might select to make you and your expertise a part of your brand. You also, of course, doing what you do to help others. You are a problem solver of high value to those who are your current clients or are soon to be.

Remember to think outside of your own box regarding how you can help others. Decide the problem you are going to solve for your fellow Americans.

You can have the magic of your American Dream.

– USA Magician

To Ad or Not to Ad

Welcome Home Business Achievers!

Hello home business achievers. Welcome to another quick-to-read blog post while we explore something of importance to home business achievers all over the USA and beyond. Hello to international Home Business Achievers!

Especially what we are looking into in this installment is how can home business achievers avoid having to pay mas dinero per buying targeted ads from search engine and social media platforms?

If you have been a home business achiever for a while, then you know what I am talking about already. But for those of you present who are newbies, I am going to give you that fast backstory.

“Whatever Happened to Baby Algo?

Here is the deal and bottom line. The flat-out reality is that search engines and social media platforms have as their biggest source of revenue those ads that are purchased. Customers include everyone starting with the major conglomerates, then down to the mom-and-pop retailers still standing, well as the “Home Business Achievers.”

And our hearts go out to M&Ps and HBAs everywhere. Because, just when they find a teensy tiny way that you can rank in search engines with your blog DIY SEO, Big Brother is unhappy because in their eyes you are gaming the system.

So then BAM that kink you found in the armor of their algorithm, speeds out of town before you can say “Kink in algo algorithm come back” 7 times. fast. And suddenly, all you are left with, is shiny metal where once there had been your M&P HBA opportunity.


But it makes sense. Right? They are in the business of selling ads. So, the more they take away from you, the better it is for them. If they create a sense of scarcity, they know you will likely come back to them to pay 1 to 6 dollars or so, every time someone clicks on your ad in their search or social platform.

And the HBA Award Goes to…?

If you get the right subscribers on your weekly newsletter email list, you are going to have fans of what you do, ready for their next purchase from you. If you, do it right, for Home Business Achievers everywhere, you will feel like you just won an award!

Special Announcement for Home Business Achievers

And speaking of awards, I just heard on the Home Business Achievers communication hub, that our partners at the Home Business Awards are cooking up something special.

One of the upcoming Home Business Awards will be granted to the Home Business Achiever who comes up with the best way to avoid giving all your cash to search engine and social media platform’s ads.

More on this coming soon to the website of the Home Business Awards!

Yianni Stamas Discusses How Doing Your Research Before Launching Your Home Business Can Make a Big Difference in Terms of Whether or Not You Succeed

Juggling Your “9 to 5” with Your “Side Hustle”

On one of the other Blog Coalition sites that I am guest blogging on today, I briefly went into the “Side Hustle” approach. On the blog named USA Make a Difference, I mention that having a “9 to 5” job can be a big asset to you when starting your Home Business, even if you do not like the job you currently have. Why? Because you can start out and test your business idea as a side hustle while keeping your main job. And if all goes well, your side hustle can become your main hustle. But starting a home business is not easy which is why I think that anyone who is successful at it should be given a trophy from the Home Business Awards that I am blogging for today as well. I am also doing something today at Home Business Digital that looks at developing your own home business, keeping in mind that we are always amidst a technological evolution.

Four Steps that Will Hopefully Help You Become a Home Business Achiever

First things first though. Here is a four-step plan that you can use to help you figure out what you want your side hustle to be about.

  1. First you must figure out the kind of customer you are seeking, a detailed look at what they want, what their desires are, their demographic and so on (their niche).
  2. Next is to explore if there is a true and intense need for what you want to do.
  3. And finally, look at the competition, and if it is too competitive out there, you might want to consider starting another kind of business.
  4. Or, if you are stuck on doing what you want to do, at least come up with the reason why what you do is different than what everyone else is doing that makes you more desirable. This is important because the more focused you are on the unique needs of your customers, the more likely it is that they choose your products/services instead of those of your competitors. Also, what you do needs to be difficult for others to imitate. But they will copy you eventually at which point you have to pivot and disrupt some other trend in your industry.

Is Working Remotely Here to Stay?

When Your Company’s Headquarters is Your Living Quarters

Many New Yorkers, due to the pandemic, have been working remotely from their homes for over a year now. And some of them are finding that doing their jobs without the distractions of the office environment, enables them to be more productive. In fact, there are even those who, inspired by what they can get done, are opting into leaving the office entirely and starting their homes their own businesses. These folks are joining the ranks of becoming Home Business Achievers!

Choosing the Kind of Home Business that You will Start

If you have ever thought of starting your own home business, now is the time to do so. It seems that those individuals who have the most success on the entrepreneurial path have chosen to start a business in an industry they have a passion for as well as expertise.

The Power of Ecommerce

Ecommerce is making waves all over the world. Never has it been easier to jump into a low or even no cost business. If you have something that others want and need, you can start your own ecommerce store online. You can either sell physical items that need to be shipped to customers or offer them digital goods and services. With digital products you will never have to worry about inventory because once you have created the product’s digital file that is for sale, it can be downloaded again and again and again!

Finding Wealth by Creating It

Not Born into Wealth?

In a time where opportunity does not come knocking very often, it is time to consider achieving the business you always wanted by visiting Home Business Achievers. H.B.A. is probably the easiest ways to start finding wealth by creating it. No one is going to step in and give you wealth unless you were born into it. Not that lucky? Home Business Achievers can help.

Where to Begin?

You might have tried to generate wealth before to no avail. Why should this time be different? Because chances are you attempted to create profits before by putting into place all the tools that would seem necessary to make wealth happen including digital tools and maybe even an office space.

You Don’t Need Fancy Trimmings

The truth is you do not need to have a fancy office to succeed. You can find wealth with simply a plan and a room in your house or apartment. Even if you do not have a whole room to begin to put into place your profits, you can still succeed with something as simple as having a bed on which you can place a laptop which is how we are a part of the home business achievers phenomenon that is sweeping the country.

Yianni Stamas on Home Business Trends

Yianni Stamas, also known as Yianni Euripides Stamas (Y.E.S), is from USA Make a Difference and believes that home businesses are not only a necessity for some due to the Pandemic, but also a phenomenon that is here to stay. In this brief interview with Stamas, himself a home business entrepreneur, we unearth some answers to our pressing home business questions.

Why is having a home business so important?

Many businesses are closing due to the Pandemic and specifically, in some cases, because of not being able to pay the expensive rental space overhead. Although not every business can be done from home, but with Digital Transformation you’d be surprised how many can.

What is Digital Transformation?

Digital Transformation is the reinventing your business in a digital domain. For example, if you go to the core industry is in, now that you presumably are an expert in that category, you can likely create and sell educational digital download products.

What is the role that Digital Transformation will play in the future?

Digital Transformation is the direction we are heading today and as more and more owners begin to utilize technology to advance their businesses, they will discover survival techniques that taps their expertise. Educational online digital products are a trend that continues to grow by leaps and bounds.

The Beginning of the End or the Beginning of the Beginning?

Getting ready for the confetti signaling those who are winning HBA’s?

As we get closer and closer to the Home Business Awards, here in New York we are saddened by what has happened in our dear city. It is being run by thugs, some of them symbolic and some of them accurately fitting the conventional incarnation of the word.

thug/THəɡ/ Learn to pronounce nounnoun: thug; plural noun: thugs; noun: Thug1. a violent person, especially a criminal.

If you are an American you know what I am talking about.

Where’s the confetti? Isn’t time to have the confetti drop?